Murano Glass Jewellery

Murano Glass Jewellery History

Murano Glass Jewellery a little history Murano glass according to historians began its life in Rome, glass furnaces have been discovered in Venice dating back to the 8th century.  It is documented that Venice by the 1200’s was emerging as a significant glass manufacturer providing the city’s largest industry, crafting a large collection of glass [...]

Piazza San Marco

Lets go visit the Piazza San Marco today Oh how I wish I were there Take yourself to this grand square the most famous in Venice, in fact the only one to be known as such, the others regarded as campi or campielli. Overwhelmingly busy during the day full of tourists on day visits rushing [...]
The Colours Of Burano

The Colours Of Burano

Burano OK so the lights and warmth of Christmas are gone, and we are left with a dull January to look forward to….. Lets give ourselves a boost and take a look at one of the most colourful places in the world. Originally known as Porta Boreana – The Northern door to the city of [...]
Christmas in Venice

Christmas in Venice

Christmas in Venice, want to visit without the crowds December is the time to go, magically lit up cold and delightful, misty canals quiet walkways and lots of atmosphere. The ideal place to shop for unusual gifts for your friends and family, for world famous Murano glass jewellery and ornaments, available all around Venice and [...]


There is something about Venice that inspires a passion and a feeling different to any other city I have visited. Once in your soul it remains to haunt you until you return. It is like a mysterious and beautiful creature, it has its own personality, intense, rich, and elegant. Around every corner at the end [...]