Murano glass jewellery

Murano glass according to historians began its life in Rome, glass furnaces have been discovered in Venice dating back to the 8th century. Venice is documented by the 1200’s to be emerging as a significant glass manufacturer providing the city’s largest industry, crafting a large collection of glass objects from sculpture to jewellery.

Venetian and Murano glass is very much interwoven it was in 1291 when all Venice’s furnaces were moved to the island of Murano for fear that the wooden buildings were at risk of fire and destruction that its reputation as a unique centre for glass making was born. Artisans working on the island of Murano were afforded many privilages including immunity from prosection, and marriges into affluent Venetian families. In exchange for these rewards glassmakers were not allowed to leave the republic of Murano and harsh punishments were imposed for those that tried to leave.

Todays techniques and raw materials used for Murano glass jewellery making have changed little from the centuries old methods handed down from generation to generation.

Producing glass beads for jewellery making takes much practice and alot of skill, once clear glass is melted and made into a bead shape, the glass whilst still soft is covered in silver or gold leaf then vibrant colours are used to cover the bead producing a jewel like appearance.

All our Italian Murano Glass jewellery and the beads that we work with are geniune, we go to great lengths to source the most beautuful glass we can find – going to the place were it is made in small studios in the little alleyways of Venice. No other glass compares to true Italian Murano glass because of its clarity and depth. Click this link to view our products